"a. dapt" 
Med: Acrylic
This piece describes me adapting to environments including conversing with other creatives, public speaking, and being a creative as I work through my social anxiety. When it's something that you're passionate about you work through it and allow yourself to be vulnerable and grow. I chose these images because I am an individual that loves to have my feet planted on the ground in nature and being in the water was my best depiction of me showing me being vulnerable and taking chances. Adapt will be a piece that I see myself reflecting on throughout my life. 

36" x 36"

Med: Acrylic

Created: 20200

A piece that reflects black women unapologetic-ally through quotes by famous African American poets such as Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni. Also words and positive affirmations that make up the uniqueness of black women. So much goes into the beauty, strength and individuality of black women.

"Self Embrace Series Part 2"
"12"x "16"
Medium: Acrylic
A piece apart of a sequel created to embrace body positivity and how freeing and liberating it can be to love the skin your in.

24" x 24"
Medium: Acrylic
Painting that encourages black men to rise above the negativity surrounding them and soar through with determination and consistency to achieve goals that bring positive influence to their lives.


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